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Wabunifu is an online space that helps creatives and makers to interact, learn and grow their creative enterprises.

What is Wabunifu?

Wabunifu empowers creative entrepreneurs through

Informative Articles

Keeping connected with the developments of the creative and cultural sector is essential to any creative entrepreneur's growth. Through our informative, well-researched and timely articles, we provide an insight into the creative world.
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Network and Growth Events

We believe in the power of community. By coming together and sharing ideas and perspectives, we can collaboratively create a supportive and promotive industry for all stakeholders.
We share events that would be useful to makers and live-tweet the proceedings so you can enjoy and contribute.
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Policy-shaping Discussions

Public participation is essential to legislation. By having frank, informed, engaging and healthy conversations about industry policies, we can have cogent progressive policies to bolster the creative sector.
Join the forum and share your views on emerging news, subsisting and draft legislation and more.
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Free Online Library

By leveraging the power of technology, we can provide critical information for the creative entrepreneur. With courses ranging from business management to copyright and much more in between, we provide quality educational content that will help you take your business to the next level. All our content is provided for free under Creative Commons 4.0.

An initiative of the Creative Economy Working Group

The Creative Economy Working Group is a consortium of civil society organizations interested in the growth of the creative industry.

Our goal is to promote creativity, innovation and the diversity of the cultures of the people of Kenya as drivers of economic growth and development.

We believe that this goal can be realized through the development of facilitative policies and legal instruments and strong and innovative institutions.


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