The Copyright Project

Are you a Kenyan creative i.e actor, content creator, musician, filmmaker, gamer looking to learn more about Intellectual Property & copyright? #Thecopyrightproject aims to create relatable ways through which Kenyan Creatives can learn and apply Copyright & IP knowledge for the benefit of their craft.

The Copyright Project requires one to take a survey and let's get to know what copyright means to you! #Kenya

WiBO Culture Collective develops creative solutions for a changing world. They plan to innovate a solution with the creatives for intellectual property management to benefit the community of creatives in Kenya. The responses from the survey will inform a training program for artists and train paralegals who will oversee the administration and management of intellectual property at the county level in Kenya.

Take 5 minutes of your time to respond to each question with utmost honesty, and share your Safaricom number and location, we might just surprise you with some airtime or data bundles or invite you to be part of the training!

In case of queries and clarifications, call Mako + 254 722 290 913 or Zikki +254 725 816 126

The Copyright Project

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