'A Dangerous Son' Free Screening

Free screening of 'A Dangerous Son' a Film on mental health by Maina Denis Wanjohi
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June 14, 2019
Two Rivers Mall Under Funscapes Events

About this Event

Docubox in partnership with Africa in Motion (AiM) film festival sent 3 film curation trainees from Kenya to Rwanda in January 2019 for a film curation workshop. Ultimately, the 3 trainees were required to put together a film screening event for a community of their choosing.

Maina Denis one of the trainees did a documentary following three families each coping with a child affected by serious emotional or mental illness. the families explore treatment opportunuties and grappkle with the struggle of living with their child's condition.

Event organizers are: EpicMedia, Docubox, Africa in Motion Film Festival,University of Glasgow and GCRF

Organized by

Africa in Motion

Africa in Motion (AiM) is an annual African film festival taking place in Scotland, consisting of film screenings and complementary events. Now in its fourteenth year, AiM brings the best of African cinema to Scotland—making it possible for Scottish audiences to engage with African stories and industry professionals from the continent.
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DOCUBOX is an East African Documentary Film Fund.
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