Insights on Kenya's Creative Industry: Influence Discourse

Attention to all the Innovators, Artists -musicians, Cartoonists, Photographers, Illustrators, Storytellers, Writers, Poets, Creatives& all Art Lovers. How can artists contribute to National Issues?Join us & be part of the conversation.
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July 26, 2019
Nexus Co-work, Riara Corporate Suites

About this Event

The forum is open to key players in the industry; artists (musicians, cartoonists, photographers, illustrators, storytellers, writers, poets,), journalists, development partners, government agencies, CSOs, private sector, activists and relevant stakeholders.

This forum aspires to bring together the industry’s key players, take stock of their

contribution in shaping national conversations and as well discuss future scenarios.

1. Facilitate conversation among the industry players.

2. Build scenarios for possible intervention on trending issues within the country eg femicide, unemployment etc.

3. Learn on how best to engage in contributing to national issues through our works.

4. Interrogate state’s contribution on its commitments to the creative industry.

Among other issues, the forum will seek to form an artist coalition with strong commitments in tackling key issues affecting the country through their works. These discussions will be designed into a series of meetings to ensure that we achieve maximum results leading long lasting impact.

Organized by


The CARROT Co. is a collective of award-winning African artists with IT experts, legal practitioners, community mobilizers, high-level project managers and pan African activists working in the development sector to transform communication using the ART. Our aim is to creatively simplify messaging, dignify African lives, and amplify social causes for impactful and sustainable development. We have all worked, lived and experience several African countries with strength in multiple languages and cultural integration.
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