Screening of 'History of Film in Kenya'

In collaboration with Simba Vision Ltd, Twaweza Communications produced "The History of Film in Kenya 1909-2009". This documentary won the 2010 Kalasha award for Best Documentary.This documentary captures the development of film in Kenya over 100 years and is an important educational tool.
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May 22, 2019
Alliance Francaise, Nairobi - Kenya

About this Event

The young Kenyans can now participate in this exciting creative arts, by producing their own local films, and release them on video, on television across Africa, and even on the same big screens that show the Hollywood blockbusters.

This a preview of 'History of Film in Kenya.

Organized by

Twaweza Communications

Twaweza Communications Limited is a strategic communication institution established in 2000 and based in Nairobi. We work in the areas of public policy, media and culture for sustainable development.
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Alliance Francaise

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